Our Products

Our final products:

  • High Quality Pure Lead (Brand name: XIN XIN.BML99.994) Grade Pb≥99.994% (LME registered)
  • Standard Pure Lead (Brand name: BML Pb99.97) Grade Pb≥99.97% (LME registered)
  • Calcium Lead Alloy Series (used for maintenance-free battery)
  • E Alloy & Copper Tellurium Lead Alloy (used for undersea cable industry)
  • Antimony Lead Alloy Series (used for normal battery making)
  • Lead Coil

Production Process

Without proper treatments, battery scrap is dangerous to our environment. Bergsoe Metals Co. Ltd recycles these battery scrap with the most advance technology and eco-friendly facilities into the different high-quality Lead products with a strong protection of the environment along the way.